Dynamic Home Inspection Services, LLC offers home inspection services for current homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers.

Buyer’s Inspection:
In both new and older homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have a quality, professional home inspection. Dynamic Home Inspection Services, LLC will provide you with comprehensive, quality home inspection services to support your home buying experience. We are trained to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which require immediate attention. See Inspection Details for more information.

Seller’s Inspection:
The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for negotiation. Knowledge is power. It’s always a prudent idea to have a professional home inspection whether you are selling your home on your own or using a realtor. All homes have strengths and weaknesses: we help you answer how serious the problems are, and which must be immediately addressed and which can wait. See Inspection Details for more information.

Radon Testing:
Any home can have a radon problem, including new and old homes, well sealed and drafty homes and homes with or without basements. In fact, you and your family are most likely to get your greatest radiation exposure where you spend most of your time—at home. I use EPerms and Sun Nuclear 1028s systems for radon testing. See Radon Testing for more information.