“Kevin was gracious, knowledgeable and very helpful with suggestions on things I may chose to do and definitely alerted me to areas to address immediately during or after the purchase.  His report came through very quickly. ”
~Cynthia Bischak
October 05, 2016


“Kevin did a wonderful job with our home inspection. I scheduled him without much advanced notice and he was able to fit us into his schedule without an issue. He was punctual (actually came a little earlier than our appointment time and got started in advance), very easy to talk to, explained the different parts of the inspection patiently and thoroughly, and gave us an extremely detailed report of everything by the same day. We also did a radon test which took an extra day and he got the results back quickly as well. Very happy we went with Kevin and Dynamic Home Inspection!”
~Grace Lee-Lim
September 27, 2016


“It went very well and I would highly recommend this company. They were thorough and professional. In addition, I received a full report on the inspection within the first 24 hours, complete with reviews of the work needed to be repaired or replaced, along with accompanying photos.

It went very well because he, Kevin Raugstad, was not only very thorough but explained in simple terms what he needed to tell me regarding issues with the townhouse.  I was very pleased and would recommend this inspector and his company.”
~Charlotte Donat
September 15, 2016


“The inspector performed a home inspection on my pending property.  Kevin was kind, informative, and very thorough.

I couldn’t be more pleased! Kevin was great at explaining everything, offering advice, and educating us.  He was also punctual  and precise. I will use Dynamic for all future needs.”
~Edna Thompson


“Kevin is definitely a Pro! Very impressive. He knew the house inside and out in a very short amount of time with pictures to boot.  He had a exceptionally broad knowledge of all aspects of home construction with terrific explanations and very insightful suggestions that will be worth their weight in gold once we become the owners of the house! I feel very confident that I made the right choice in which house to buy, but that’s only thanks to choosing a great Home inspector.  The inspection report is like a tutorial in the maintenance that is involved, not only with home ownership in general but catered specifically to our family’s new home.”
~Cody Camacho


“Kevin did a detailed home inspection with Radon boxes going in a few days later. He explained all positives and negatives to me in a detailed manner that helped me understand what he did and why, and what I need to do right away or further down the road.

Kevin was awesome! I would recommend him to anyone in the need of a home inspection. Very knowledgeable and detailed. Since home inspections can be overwhelming at times, he took the time to explain everything and honest and truthful.”
~Nikolette LatzkE


“The home inspector did a very thorough home inspection, he took his time at every item he inspected and answered my question and he made sure I understood what he told me. The inspector was very professional when handling the owners belongs and he took his time to put the items back were he found them.
Trust Kevin with your home inspection needs. He will not let you down. He will inspect ever inch of your next house and he will tell you the truth. He has all the professional equipment to do the job right the first time. Mike Homes will love to have Kevin as an employee of his company. Trust Kevin with your next home inspection.”
~David Scott


“We hired Kevin for a home inspection and he was friendly and thorough. The sample report he provided included a 10+ page summary and a 20+ page detailed report with pictures and highlights. He spent about 3-4 hours walking through the house, making notes, and pointing out everything he saw. In the end, he provided us with an equally robust report that was not only complete, but very easy to digest. I’d recommend Kevin to friends with no reservations.

As mentioned, Kevin walked the house and took notes. Where he really shines is his friendly demeanor, his deep background in housing, and his willingness to share information with the client. He took time to explain everything to us as he was reviewing it. He pointed out things that were good as well as bad and gave us recommendations that would not normally warrant a report. Kevin is a class act and a great inspector.”
~Daniel Ellis


  • “- Kevin thoroughly inspected my condo
  • – He gave me extensive details on what he found concerning
  • – Typed the report and emailed it to me the same day of inspection
  • – Followed up with me and provided me with answers to my questions and concerns I had after the inspection
  • It went really well!  As a first time home buyer, I appreciated Kevin’s thoroughness, thoughtfulness and timeliness! Helped a ton as I moved forward in the home buying process. I’d definitely recommend Kevin!”

    ~Taylor Colby


    “Comprehensive home inspection. Looked at everything inside the house and out. Checked all areas of the home and property including structure, mechanical’s, electrical, etc.

    The inspection went very well. The inspector took his time and really went through every step of the process. Very professional and friendly and he explained everything he was doing and why. I felt much more comfortable with the purchase and had a great understanding of the house by the time we were finished.
    ~Ryan Yacob


    “Kevin did a very thorough job performing the pre-purchase inspection for the home we are getting ready to buy. He was on time, professional, and very nice to work with. He was open to discussing any questions we had about the home and the inspection. He also provided many helpful tips on how to maintain and preserve many of the essential components of the home. Finally, he provided an in-depth and thorough written assessment with photos the same day as the inspection.

    We were very happy with the service and we would highly recommend Dynamic Home Inspections to others. Thanks!
    ~Stephen Steiner


    “Kevin provided a home inspection for a condo that I am purchasing and drafted a detailed report about the condition of the property.

    Kevin was extremely professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable about the condition of the home. He spent about 2.5 hours inspecting the small property, and provided a walk-though with me of issues that needed to be repaired, or looked at. I am very happy with the services he provided and he discovered small issues with the property that I was unaware of. However, larger issues that were more concerning were explained in a simple manner. I am highly impressed with his services and will definitely use Dynamic Home Inspection Services in the future.”
    ~Rodney Matthews September 3rd, 2015


    “Kevin arrived on time and got to work right away.  He was incredibly  detailed in his home inspection, taking photos with his iPad and  welcoming us to tag along with him the entire time to get a detailed understanding of the home we were looking to purchase.  He left us with a great sense of all concerns with the house and also how to go about fixing these problem areas.  Later that day he emailed us a detailed report complete with photos of all problem areas and how to go about fixing them.  I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a trustworthy home inspection report.”
    ~Dave Goss August 22, 2015


    “I am moving to the US from the UK so the house buying process is completely new to me. We used Dynamic to decide whether the house was in good order.

    They were very thorough and this was more extensive than any survey I have seen before which included measuring the hot water temperature. As the survey was undertaken all areas were explained to me as well as providing some great tips of what to do when I move in. All my questions were answered. The report was ready for me the same day as the survey.”
    ~Andrew Jones August 4th, 2015


    “Kevin is always on time and very thorough. He explains the good and the bad in a home. His background is being a builder/carpenter helps him assess each home; give accurate costs to correct issues and does not put unwarranted stress on buyers for the transaction. I really like working with Kevin. He is great.”
    ~C.S., Evanston IL, July 2015


    “Kevin performed a home inspection for a home we put an offer on. Kevin was extremely profession as my fiancé and I pulled up to the house Kevin was already outside inspecting and taking pictures. I myself do not know a ton about home inspections however my fiancé and father do and they were extremely impressed with how thorough his work was. Kevin took time to walk is around every corner of the home and explain his findings in an understandable manner. The report that he sent us after the inspection was also very detailed and easy to break down. I would definitely recommend Kevin to friends and would use his services in the future!”
    ~Deanna Lapenta May 1, 2015


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